Control of passenger transportation

New ecosystem of interaction between carriers haulage and passengers


Creation of transparent and understandable interaction system between carrier’s haulage and passengers in the framework of introduction of new approaches to organization of transportations.

Among the priorities – introduction of new approaches for carrying out public monitoring of contracts terms implementation by carriers, namely, the organization of automated daily control.


1. January – April 2019

Search of experience in different cities on the most successful practice of public monitoring of contract terms fulfillment by carriers.

2. March – August 2019

Final solving of all issues related to:

  • Setup of GPS trackers on vehicles;
  • Organization of uninterrupted transmission of information from each vehicle of each route to the automated GPS monitoring system (local software);
  • The organization of uninterrupted transmission of information from each vehicle of each route to the all-Ukrainian Internet service “EasyWay” and on the relevant resource of the city council.

3. September October 2019

Implementation of new approaches for public monitoring through:

  • Publication of routes schedule provided by route passport (an integral part of the contract) – with adjustments and other identifiers (especially in the evening tariffs);
  • Implementing daily-automated reports. Information automatically collected from daily reports (the relevant executive body of city council, daily monitors the situation regarding each vehicle of each route and carrier, indicating fulfillment of contract terms);
  • Publication of carrier’s obligations in accordance to the contract;
  • Implementing a transparent procedure for fixing violations;
  • Involvement in public monitoring process (service of UkrSkara), institution of public inspectors, etc.