Implementation of unified integrated intelligent transport system in urban passenger transport

Improvement of safety and efficiency urban transport process, matched of comfort, awareness and interaction for all stakeholders of urban transport process. Using up-to-date Information Technologies, transport infrastructure automation tools, vehicles, innovative inventions for design and management of traffic flows.

Unified integrated intelligent transport system (UIITS) implemented including:

  Automated payment system – software-hardware complex designed to account provided urban transport services using e-ticket;

  Automated dispatch management system – control system and satellite (GPS) monitoring of urban passenger vehicle as part of UIITS, contains complex of organizational, hardware-technical and software solutions to perform tasks of effective management and control of urban passenger transportation.

UIITS implemented in urban passenger transport, regardless on ownership, and will have the opportunity to increase functional and operational capabilities, the creation and implementation of new systems, subsystems, services, etc.

Implementation of unified management system opens opportunities for:

  • data providing to control the fulfillment of urban transporters obligations according to agreements;
  • uninterrupted on-line monitoring of schedules and timetables compliance (public information that will be available to inhabitants);
  • establishment of integrated database with controlled access;
  • boost of management efficiency and passengers transportation safety;
  • opportunity to improve the system by plugging-in other devices (inform-boards of arrival of bus/trolley to bus-stops, providing of extra audio-video information to passengers in vehicle, connecting apps for tracking urban transport location, two-way communication with driver, fuel control sensors connection, connecting of automatic payment system.


1. January 2019

Working group creation (Mayors Decision No. 5 of January 11, 2019 “On the creation of a Working group on the introduction of a unified integrated intelligent transport system in the city public passenger transport”), which is purposed to developed drafts of:

  • The Order of functioning and requirements for a unified integrated intelligent transport system;
  • The Order of tender realization for the identification of the investor (UIITS operator), authorized to implement a  unified integrated intelligent transport system;
  • As well as, determine the membership of tender committee to determine the investor.

2. January – March 2019

Holding four Working group sessions

3. March – August 2019

Discussions drafts with representatives of community

During the operation of Working group, to discussion was involved representatives of community. More than 60 amendments and proposals were submit to the Google doc with doc drafts. More than two dozen proposals accepted, another proposals taken into account and will redirect to tender winner. Apart, around 160 personal invitations sent to deputies, officials, public persons, media representatives (more than 100 of them stay unanswered); also, information with proposal to participate to discussion were posted in 16 Facebook groups.

4. October – November 2019

Publication of Regulatory Act draft.

Comments and suggestions gathering, lay of open discussions.

Here you can get acquainted doc drafts and submit your proposals.

5. May – December 2019

Implementation large-scale campaign to attract a wide range of potential investors to participate in the tender, to implement the UIITS in urban passenger transport (letters from Mayor to the Embassies and Consulates, chambers of commerce and industry, etc.).

6. November – December 2019

Holding Public Hearings.

Working group final meeting for revision all submitted comments and proposals, received, as result of Public Hearings.

Ratification of documents regulating the implementation of UIITS, the Decision of Kherson city council Executive committee.

7. January – February 2020

Announcement of investment tender, collection of bids from investors.

8. February 2020

Consideration of bids – elect the winner.

Signing an investment agreement.

Creation of a coordinating group for implementation of the UIITS.

Development of schedule for implementation of the UIITS.

9. Starting in March 2020


  • dispatch control system in urban passenger transport;
  • automated payment accounting system in urban passenger transport and realization of extra investment requirements, in accordance to the requirements of tender (validators in urban vehicles, transport cards for inhabitants, paper tickets purchase system, info boards on bus-stops, etc.).


The above schedule can be amend after consultations and discussions, receipt of proposals, comments.