Today in Kherson, Smart City is being introduced. The city authorities together with representatives of the active part of the community, including specialists in the IT industry, work together to develop the “Great Technical Tasks” of a unified city management system. One of its components is the implementation of Smart City elements that includes:

  • creation of a register of the territorial community, through which all administrative services will be provided without additional appeal of the city’s inhabitants, queues and excessive bureaucracy;
  • creation of a multifunctional personal cabinet service for residents of the city, which will enable active residents of the city to be involved in city administration;
  • formation of a partnership ecosystem consisting of authorities, enterprises, including start-ups, non-profit organizations, educational institutions;
  • creation of the register of geospatial systems, which will include: a network of engineering communications of a certain type; the only digital topographic and geodetic base of the city; registers of land plots, buildings and structures, natural resources, architectural monuments, roadways, streets, sidewalks, etc .;
  • debugging simultaneous operation in a single network of a large number of devices: photo and video cameras, temperature sensors, air pollution, noise level, traffic intensity, free parking spaces, filling of garbage containers, etc .;
  • introduction of a single system of electronic control of the city’s health care industry;
  • introduction of a unified system of electronic management of the city transport system, including the introduction of an “electronic ticket” system.

To measure the effectiveness of working with data, it is planned to develop and implement the “City Progress Index” – an index of urban development, which, based on more than 100 indicators, allows monitoring the city’s dynamics. For the integrated solution of the tasks set forth above, it is planned to form a united Vision, Strategy and Objectives of the city development, as well as the definition of key indicators in different spheres of city life that will correspond to the strategies and goals of its development; Identification of sources of reliable information; Systematization and technology of collecting the necessary data.

We invite everyone to join the “Smart City” system in Kherson.