About initiative

This Web designed to inform stakeholders about the directions of Initiative and broadcasting of actual news.

Civil Initiative “Kherson. Transport 2.0 Reload” created as result of collaboration Kherson active inhabitants, in order to solve the historical problem with the quality of urban transport.
It is part of a larger initiative to introduce Smart City Charters city management systems in Kherson. Details about the implementation of the Smart City system in Kherson can be found here.

We invite everyone who ambit to join the “rebooting of Kherson transport industry”, actively participate in discussing ideas and draft documents, share their own proposals, etc.

Section “E-ticket

You can stay acquainted about the Project “Implementation of unified integrated intelligent transport system in urban passenger transport”.  The system including “automated payment system” (e-ticket) and an “automated dispatch management system” (monitoring, management and control of urban passenger transportation).  You can also offer your proposals to the draft documents:

  • The Order of functioning and requirements for a unified integrated intelligent transport system;
  • The Order of tender realization for the identification of the investor (UIITS operator), authorized to implement a  unified integrated intelligent transport system;
  • List of documents submitted by the tender candidate for the identification of the investor;
  • Methodology for evaluating the proposal of the tenderers for the determination of the investor.

In addition, in the Section provides information on the indicative calendar plan of launching the unified integrated intelligent transport system.

Section “New Eco vehicle

You can stay acquainted about the Project of upgrading transport infrastructure, which includes the purchase of 50 brand-new trolleys (EBRD loan) and extension of the contact-cable network for trolleys (Grant funds).

In addition, you can acquainted with the terms of the loan, as well as provide your own proposals on the strategic directions of building a contact-cable network for trolleys.

Section “New model of city mobility

You can stay acquainted about strategic approaches of transport system management (multimodal model, sustainable mobility plan).

You also can stay acquainted about main components of the integrated scheme of public transport, which opens opportunities for streamlining the network of urban public transport routes, public transport stops network, increasing the efficiency of passenger rolling stock of road transport, and the quality of transport services for the city’s inhabitants.

Section  “Control of passenger transportation

You can stay acquainted about new approaches for providing public monitoring of fulfillment contractual conditions by urban transporters, especially the online publication of routes timetable and other obligations. Implementation of daily-automated reports (for each vehicle on all routes) and transparent fixing of violations.

Extra, you can personally aid in the process of monitoring of urban transportation quality (service UkrSkarga), as well as with the help of the Institute of Public Inspectors.